Improving Club Management with Technology Part 1: Online Joins

January 16, 2018 Mariel Moore

Woman joining a gym online


The January join frenzy is upon us and we know health club operators are trying to find that magic formula to manage the chaos while still maintaining a consistent member experience. This 5-part series will show you simple and effective strategies to utilize technology to unburden your staff, and improve your club’s ability to provide exceptional member experiences.

The first installment of this series will help potential members self-serve as they make New Year’s resolutions and allow your staff to have more time to focus on creating an exceptional member experience. 

In today’s digital world, club management online options such as new member enrollment, purchasing personal training packages, scheduling appointments and updating personal and financial information are essential. Members and potential members enjoy the convenience of managing their own member experience on their own time. Having an online portal that integrates with your website allows you to engage your members at their convenience.

Your new January joins may feel uncomfortable having in-person interactions about their fitness program as they get used to being a member at your health club. Giving them online options will allow them to interact where they feel most comfortable and give them the space they need to start their health journey.

Staff Time
Today’s business environment requires a fast, flexible approach to customer service. By opening up online services, you will open a whole host of benefits for your staff and your members, such as:

  • Give members freedom to join immediately online
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Reduce front desk wait time
  • And allow members access to other self-serve online options for your club.

Exceptional Experiences
It may seem counterintuitive but by allowing technology to take some of the load of club management, you’re really allowing for better member experiences all around. Think about it; all these benefits boil down to reduced member and staff time and frustration.

If you are able to save 5 minutes per transaction when signing up a new member that used to be needed to process a new membership in person, you’re improving the experience by 5 minutes . When you’re processing multiple new members each day, that can make a significant impact on your bottom line. Another way to think about online services is having a virtual sales team at your fingertips. Online membership sales leverage the power of technology by creating new revenue streams without adding overhead or sacrificing your member experience.

Offering the convenience and instant gratification of online services does not have to be at the expense building relationships. One way to further those in-person connections with your staff and other members is is requiring new members to tour the facility or have a new member orientation. 


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