How to Use Data Insights to Drive Member Engagement and Donations

May 25, 2017
Presented by Daxko's Constance Miller and Delphine Carter The very first membership handbook from the mind of Alice Sawyer and her team at Y-USA focused on moving members from casual to connected to committed. Donations to a Y represent the ultimate membership commitment. But how do you know that your members are likely to donate? Furthermore, how do you demonstrate the positive influence their donations will make toward your cause to encourage donor commitment? In this session, you will learn what data insights you can use to help make strategic decisions to help tailor and drive your fundraising campaigns. As a result of this webinar, participants will... 1. Learn the importance of creating a culture of engagement and gaining committed members connected to your cause. 2. Review what data insights can help you strategically plan your campaign initiatives and help you meet your revenue goals. 3. Understand how to tailor campaigns based on this data that will resonate best with your members.
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