Forward Progress for the YMCA of Middle Tennessee

November 17, 2015 Mariel Moore


For the YMCA of Middle Tennessee, partnering with Daxko offered them the chance to really measure progress. Theresa McDonough, Vice President of Membership & Corporate Relations at the YMCA of Middle Tennessee explains, “When we switched over to Daxko, that was the first time we really saw metrics.”

In addition to their need for all types of measurement data, the YMCA of Middle Tennessee needed staff buy-in from all levels – including the executive team – to support a strategic engagement initiative for new and existing members. “Having part-time staff doing this important work wasn’t really doing it justice. It was when we started to get buy in all the way up to the executive level [to create connector roles that are responsible for member engagement] that we started to see real results,” states Tracey Jackson, Marketing Director at the YMCA of Middle Tennessee.


After launching Daxko Engage, the team at the YMCA of Middle Tennessee began to work closely with the Daxko team to understand their engagement metrics for each branch of their association. They look at everything from email response to logged interactions between staff and members. McDonough explains, “We can then take the metrics out to the centers and say ‘This is why it’s important to get clean emails. This is why it is important to capture everyone’s picture. Being able to be consistent and show them those metrics every month is invaluable.’” The team at Middle Tennessee also has visibility into how their efforts every day make a difference and that is an important part of adoption. Recently, an aquatics director approached McDonough and explained all the ways Daxko Engage was making a difference to that role. “Everyone is starting to see that it is more than just a member outreach tool. It can be used in so many ways to not only engage with members but to promote wellness.”

McDonough says that continued attention on center-specific information and a focus on accountability has allowed the staff at the YMCA of Middle Tennessee to set up best practices that will lead to a successful 2016.

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