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October 4, 2016 Alex L.

On a typical day, I talk to customers over the phone and through email: researching issues, suggesting solutions, or maybe just reminding them where that one specific report is located. But, from time to time, Daxko calls on my team to help with special projects, events, or trainings to help out other teams. This past month, I had the opportunity to train a Y in Ohio on Engage.

I was a bit nervous and a bit excited. Monday morning, I headed out to the Birmingham airport, and after two flights, I found myself at the Enterprise rental car facility in Cleveland, Ohio. After filling out the paperwork, the representative escorted me to the lot, where I was expecting to find a nice little economy car to get myself around. Enterprise, however, had another car in mind for me: a Dodge Caravan. That’s right, I got to chauffeur myself and my duffle bag around in a minivan in Ohio. I chuckled to myself as I buckled my bag into the passenger seat and drove an hour or so to my hotel.

Let’s fast forward to the day of training. I actually taught at a local college (Go Dragons!). It was quite interesting to see how much the colleges nearby impacted the Y. This particular Y has a partnership with the two local colleges, allowing students access to their facilities. Students also contribute to the part time staff that the Y employs seasonally. Our customers serve communities, and I on this trip, I had the chance to observe the community that helps shape this Y.

On the last day I was there, I was at the association itself. This was a particularly rewarding experience for me. I loved seeing the facility, observing basic business practices, and talking to the staff members. I grew up in a Y myself and worked at the front desk. So seeing how this Y operates was of great interest to me. The gymnastics studio and indoor tennis court awed me. By the end of the day, I had to ask, “So where do I sign up?”

I came back from the trip feeling appreciative; of the opportunity to learn about what makes this association unique, of our trainers who travel so frequently to deliver exceptional experience, and of Daxko for allowing me the chance to branch out and experience service through a means other than my day-to-day duties. I take great pride in my work here, and through opportunities such as these, Daxko reminds me that it takes great pride in me.

Alex L. is a Customer Success Advocate who enjoys sunshine and bicep curls.

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