My Top 5 Favorite Things About the Daxko Birmingham Office

February 2, 2016 Janna S.

Last Friday, Daxko hosted the Alabama Business Education Association for an Evening with the Experts reception before their annual conference. It was a great experience, and many guests took the opportunity to stroll around the office and see what makes the Daxko headquarters special. I received lots of comments and compliments about the office space. One of the first things a guest asked me was, “Where is the Alabama/Auburn room?” Clearly, word about the office gets around! All of the compliments I heard made me think about my 5 favorite attributes of the office.

  1. The Garage. This is one of my favorite places to do heads-down work and enjoy the sunlight. As an introvert, sometimes I need to step away from my desk, pop in my earbuds, and get stuff done. The Garage allows me to do just that, and the brightness of the room always boosts my mood.DSC_5363b copy
  2. Demo rooms. These are small breakout rooms that our Sales team uses for demos. I occasionally go into a demo room if I need to focus or if I’m conducting a phone call. I love the thought that went into decorating and naming all of these rooms. There’s Travolta, Jurassic, Barbie, and Steel City Pops, just to name a few.DSC_5423 copy
  3. Right Brain. The office actually has two brainstorm meeting rooms – Right Brain and Left Brain. Why is Right Brain my favorite (aside from the fact that I myself am right-brained)? The mural was painted by local artist and designer Alex Fuller. It features a mix of inspiring people and things that make Daxko, well, Daxko.DSC_0837
  4. DaxPark. The Park is where we have company-wide meetings and where people gather to brainstorm, take breaks, catch up, and get coffee. We love our caffeine.DSC_5354 copy
  5. The Wall. This wall features photos of all team members, as well as their team, tenure, 3 fun facts about them. I frequently stand in front of the wall to get to know team members better and to see what I have in common with them.IMG_6723
  • Bonus: House Divided – AKA the Alabama/Auburn Room. Admittedly, I’m not a football fan despite growing up here in Alabama (I’m an anomaly, I know). But I love kicking back in House Divided on one of the giant beanbag chairs, usually on the Auburn side since my dad is a huge Auburn fan. I used to hold trainings in this room so my trainees had the opportunity settle in and get comfortable after being at their desks for most of the day. Plus, we recently added an Xbox One to the room, so our gamers can take a break and blow off steam.DSC_5383 copy

I could go on and on about the office. It truly does make me excited to get out of bed and come to work, even after working here for 3 ½ years. I think my dad summed it up best when he came to have lunch with me and I gave him a tour of the office. He asked, “This place is cool! When can I come work at Daxko?”

Janna B. is the Daxko Nation Marketing Manager who wants a pet fruit bat and wishes she lived in the late 1960s/early 1970s.

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