DAXKO TMD: How to be Secure in an Unsecure (& scary) World

October 26, 2015 Alex S

If you haven’t tuned in or heard before, at Daxko we hold a monthly TMD (Team Member Development) series where we have different speakers or watch helpful videos on developing and improving our careers. For this month, Steve K. did a great job helping us all become “Security Heroes”.

Steve K. did a great job sharing some alarming security stats in the tech industry. Did you know that there are 350,000 new viruses created everyday in 2015? Security is a large threat, and it’s important to know some basics to keep your information safe. Here are 10 tips that Steve shared with us to make you a “Security Hero”.

  • Keep your password safe. Long and convoluted
  • Do not open email attachments that are sent from suspicious sender or do not look like a real email
  • Keep your laptop secure after hours and not exposed on your desk or in your car
  • You control what you choose to click
  • Enforce and test
  • Using public wifi with a company laptop can be dangerous
  • Keep sensitive and confidential documents and files stored securely in dropbox
  • Pay attention to the behavior of your computer so you can recognize when something is wrong
  • Do not give out sensitive info over the phone if you do not know the caller
  • Do not copy data to an insecure device such as thumb drivers

Congratulations, you are now a Security Hero!

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